November 08, 2018

Student Project Space in Ignite Studio @ HEPL

student project space in Ignite
By: Lori Holewinski

During the winter months, students are often busily putting together presentations for Science Fair, working on class projects, and participating in group assignments. Ignite is a perfect space for working on hands-on projects. Perhaps you would like to use your kitchen table at home for eating dinner without having to unplug the glue gun and move the half-finished science fair poster. If so, come spend a few hours in Ignite completing your presentation board. If you are under age 12 be sure to bring an adult age 18 or older with you. Ignite offers work tables with overhead power, so you can spread out and plug in a glue gun conveniently. Need a ruler? Ignite has a number of sizes. Need a cutting mat? Ignite has plenty of those, too. Markers, scissors, colored paper, and other supplies are available on the art cart for use by all. If you don’t complete your project in one visit you can check out a locker or closet to store your things until you return.

If you are vying for a study room in the main area of the library to fit several folks trying to create a video or record an interview the AV Studio in Ignite may be a better venue for your project. With a library card, students age 13 or older can use the space to shoot a video, do still photography, or make a sound recording. Bring your own equipment and make use of the backdrops and lighting or check-out the cameras and mics that are available in the studio.

HP laptops can be checked-out and used in Ignite if you need a comfortable space to do research for your project. If you want to be creative with digital media Apple computers, equipped with the Adobe Creative Suite, can be reserved. Ignite Studio also offers resources such as sewing machines, a Cricut machine, and toolkits that you can use during your visit.

Many of the features of Ignite, from work tables to the clean-up area, to comfy seating areas, are perfect for working on hands-on projects individually or in a group. Make Ignite your destination for completing that next A+ project!