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Fabrication Meets Creativity Through Technology.

meet our equipment

The Fab Lab is for visitors ages 13 and up. This space requires certification (full or learner’s permit) on each piece of equipment. Complete the online and in-person components of the certification course, then make a reservation to work with that piece of equipment.


Ignite Studio has two 3D printers and PLA filament in a variety of colors. Patrons using the machines are charged $0.10/gram for filament used including rafts/supports/brims, failed prints due to design error and prints that do not complete before the reservation expires. Patrons ages 13+ must have completed the certification course on this piece of equipment before making reservations.


Burning, cutting, and etching on a variety of materials can all be accomplished using our laser engraver. Ignite sells items to use in the engraver and offers a process through which patrons can bring their own items to use. Patrons ages 13+ must have completed the certification course on this piece of equipment before making reservations.

laser engraved wood


Create signs, t-shirts and more using our vinyl cutter and clam shell heat press. Ignite Studio sells both adhesive backed vinyl and heat transfer vinyl in a variety of colors. Patrons may also bring their own vinyl to use. Patrons ages 13+ must have completed the certification course on this piece of equipment before making reservations.

close up of vinyl cutting machine

fab lab inspiration

NEW: Lightburn Software for the Laser Engraver

NEW: Lightburn Software for the Laser Engraver

RDWorks will still be available as usual, but we are excited to announce that patrons can now also access Lightburn while using our laser engraver. Lightburn is the industry standard laser-cutting software. For those who are interested in making the transition from...

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How to Create Stencil

How to Create Stencil

  by Sydney Brink My favorite types of projects in Ignite are the ones where multiple different pieces of equipment or kits get to come together for the sake of making. I find this comes up often with projects that involve stencils! You can use all kinds of...

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How to Laser Engrave Cork Coasters

How to Laser Engrave Cork Coasters

  by Jared Hart If you’re planning a themed party, it’s pretty easy to create custom cork coasters using our laser engraver. All you need are some cork coasters, and a little bit of laser engraving experience. Prior to using Ignite’s laser engraver for the first...

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get trained

Ignite Studio requires certification for each piece of equipment in our Fabrication Lab. Certification courses contain both an online and in-person component. Take the online component to learn the software that operates the machine, then book an appointment for your in-person lab component to learn basic safe operations of the machine.

3d Printer Certification

Laser Engraver Certification

Vinyl Cutter Certification

already a certified user?

Reserve Fab Lab Space

printing costs

Fab Lab users pay for the cost of the materials they use. Patrons are also welcome to bring in pre-approved materials for our Laser Engraver, Vinyl Cutter, other Cutting Machines, and Sublimation equipment.
3d Printer

PLA Filament: $0.10/ gram including all brims/supports/rafts, failed prints due to design error and prints that do not finish before the reservation time expires. Pay for prints prior to starting print using the FlashPrint estimated weights.

Cinch Machine

Wire Binding: $.25 for 9/16”, $.50 for 3/4” , $1.35 for 1”

Laser Engraver

3mm Acrylic: $5.40/sheet of 12”x19” Clear, $4.40/sheet of 12”x12” Opaque, white and black Translucent Colors – Available colors vary: red, light blue, cobalt ble, green, purple, yellow, gray, and green glass
3 mm Plywood: $2.20/sheet (12”x20”)
6 mm Plywood: $3.00/sheet (12”x20”)
4″ Cork Coasters: $1.00

See pre-approved materials for our laser engraver

Vinyl Cutter

Adhesive Backed Vinyl – Oracle 631 Removable, Indoor Use: $1.50/foot (24” width—1ft min)
Iron-On Vinyl : $1.60/sheet (12”x15” sheets)

Sublimation Printer

Sublimation Paper – $0.75/page (8.5”x11” or 8.5”x14”)
Chromoblast paper (for cotton) – $0.70
11 oz Coffee Mug – $1.75
15 oz. Coffee Mug – $2.65
17 oz. Latte Mug – $4.60
Mason Jar w/Drinking Straw – $6.30
Travel Mug – $12.95
Pilsner Travel Tumbler – $11.50
20 oz Skinny Tumbler – $9.60
20 oz Glitter Skinny Tumbler – $ 9.60
12 oz Wine Tumblers – $ 6.00
8” x 12” metal photo sign – $ 2.75
Wooden 2” x 2” Magnet – $1.00
3″ Ornaments – $1.00
2″ square Wooden Magnet – $1.00

Laminator Pouches

3 mm Thickness
>Letter (9”x11.5”) – $0.10
5 mm Thickness
>Letter (9”x11.5”) – $0.30
>Photo (5.3”x7.2”) – $0.20
>Card (4.3”x6.3”) – $0.15
>Notecard (3.7”x5.3”) – $0.10
>ID Badge (2.5”x4.2”) – $0.05
>Business Card (2.3”x3.7”) – $0.05

frequently asked questions

What is the age requirement for using Fab Lab equipment?

Patrons must be 13 years or older to be eligible for certification. Patrons between the ages of 13 and 15 will receive a learner’s permit certification, while patrons ages 16 and older will receive a full certification. Learner’s permit certifications require an adult, ages 18 and older who is also certified on this piece of equipment, to be present while the learner’s permit user is operating the machine. Ignite staff are not able to supervise learner’s permit patrons while they are in the Fab Lab.

How can I reserve time in the Fab Lab?

To make a reservation for Fab Lab equipment, please book online here.

Prior to making a reservation, please read our usage guidelines.

How long are the reservation times for each piece of equipment?

The vinyl cutter and laser engraver can be reserved for two-hour blocks of time up to four times per week. The 3D printers can be reserved in two hour blocks of time up to 20 consecutive hours twice per week.

This includes consecutive blocks of time. If patrons are more than 10 minutes late for any reservation, the reservation is forfeit and the equipment will be made available to other patrons upon request.

How can I learn to design my own 3D object?

While Ignite Studio doesn’t currently offer classes on 3D design there are plenty of online resources to guide your own learning. There are many free and simple software options to help you get started:

  • TinkerCad is a web-based design app that provides tutorials and allows you to download your files for printing. Great for beginners.
  • Blender is a more advanced 3D design software that is open source and free.
  • FreeCad is a parametric 3D modeler great for engineering based designs.
Can I bring my own materials to use with the Fab Lab equipment?

Patrons must use the filament provided by Ignite in our 3D printer. Patrons may bring their own materials to use in our vinyl cutter and laser engraver. If you would like to bring other items to use in the Laser Engraver, please be prepared to present a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for that particular material to an Ignite staff member. Our review of this sheet allows us to check for any possible hazards in using that material with our Laser Engraver. If we deem it safe, we will sign off on the material for use by that particular individual and process the appropriate paperwork. Note: Approval of material is for that individual only.

What is the maximum size of material used in the Laser Engraver?

The bed of our laser engraver is 12″x20″. All materials must be cut to this size or smaller.

What brands of vinyl does Ignite recommend for the Vinyl Cutter?

Recommended brands of vinyl for our vinyl cutter include Siser, Chemica, Color Theory, and Oracal.

What software do you use for the Laser Engraver?

We operate our Laser Engraver using RDWorks V8.00.32. You can download our version of RDWorks here.

What materials are safe to cut in the laser engraver?

Download a list of pre-approved and unsafe materials for our laser engraver here. Patrons must bring proof of purchase for all of the pre-approved materials on this list if they were purchased outside Ignite Studio.