May 18, 2020

Scratch-Off Art Creations: Drop In

Scratch-off Art

By Sydney Brink

Scratch-off artWe here at Ignite know you like giving cards and gifts with a unique and artsy flair. This week we’ll go over how to make your own scratch-off art—a craft I remember doing when I was younger and brings up wonderful feelings of nostalgia. What’s better than combining your artistic side with pleasant childhood memories? Doing this activity can add a personal touch to your postcards, thank-you’s, and holiday greetings! You can also use scratch-off art to make wall decorations, hanging mobiles, and all kinds of other projects. Let your imagination guide you!

For today’s scratch-off art drop in, we’ll only need a few materials, most of which you might find at home.


Scratch-off Art

  • Oil pastels or crayons
  • Cardstock or paperboard (I used thick paper plates—you can use white cardstock for a postcard or anything that won’t curl up when it gets wet.)
  • A paintbrush (I used a regular paintbrush, but a foam brush would be less streaky.)
  • Acrylic paint (Any opaque kind will work; it doesn’t have to be black!)
  • Dish soap (I used hand soap; laundry detergent would also work!)


Step 1: Cut your cardstock to the size and shape you would like to use. Use crayons to color the WHOLE surface of the paper—this is what makes your drawing so unique! Be mindful of the color of paint you will be scratching off—if you have black, a rainbow of colors beneath would pop. If you’re using a different color of paint, choose crayon colors underneath that would likewise stand out against the scratch-off paint color.

Scratch-off Art

Step 2: Mix your acrylic paint with some dish soap—equal parts is the standard, but you might have to change this based on how thin your acrylic paint is.

Scratch-off artStep 3: Cover your entire colored surface with paint using the brush.

Step 4: Let dry and use a toothpick, a coin, a fork, or whatever you have on hand to create your design!

Show us what you’ve made, and join us again next Monday for our latest weekly drop in.