June 30, 2020

Power of Libraries Award

By Amanda Sabo

What comes to mind when you think of HEPL’s Ignite Studio? Maybe, like me, your first thought is that it’s a bright, open, 15,000-square-foot makerspace. Maybe you associate Ignite with having a Fab Lab full of high-tech equipment like the laser engraver. Maybe, for you, Ignite is a place where you can connect with your community by engaging in programming with other patrons. Whatever your current associations with Ignite, you can now add “award winning” to the list! We are so pleased to announce that Ignite Studio has been granted the Power of Libraries Award by SirsiDynix.

Ignite Studio has been redefining what libraries can do by providing a space for hands-on creativity since 2018. Our space provides opportunities for collaboration and access to expertise while allowing patrons to connect with different ways of being creative. What do these services have in common? You! Without our patrons—our makers—Ignite isn’t a makerspace; it’s just a space. The community Ignite serves is what makes Ignite the award-winning space that you love. For that reason, we want to thank you for embracing what we do. Every time you’ve checked out a kit, taken a class, and learned a new art form, you’ve shown that Ignite is fulfilling a need in our community and that you value the hard work we put into serving you.

With this wonderful honor, we also want to acknowledge that since the COVID 19 closure, we’ve been unable to provide the same community-building services for which we are being recognized. It has been difficult to see our beautiful studio turn from makerspace into space. Even so, we continue to work on ways to build our artistic community with virtual offerings—like artist meetups, virtual drop ins, and classes—and though patrons are not yet able to share our space with us, we are preparing and excited for your safe return!

Ignite has been shaped by our patrons since our doors first opened, and when our doors next open, we will be here for you, encouraging you in failure and supporting you in success.