June 07, 2024

Introducing Ignite’s Macrame Kit

A keychain made with the macrame kit

Introducing Ignite’s Macrame Kit! Macrame is a form of textile that uses knots as opposed to weaving or knitting. While there are hundreds of different macrame knots, just learning a few of the basics will open many possibilities of what can be made.

Introducing Ignite’s Macramé Kit: What’s Inside

Inside the kit, you’ll find all the basic supplies to get started.

  • Macrame cord
  • Wooden dowels & rings
  • Metal comb
  • Keyrings
  • Macrame for Beginners by Veronica Wilson
  • Instructions for making a keychain
  • Instructions on how to tie six common macrame knots
  • Example creations

A photo of the Macrame Kit with all of its contents.

6 Common Macrame Knots

We have put together a small book to include in the kit. This book demonstrates how to tie some of the most common macrame knots. If you’d like to check it out in advance or would like to make your own copy of the guide, you can download it HERE.

A keychain made with the macrame kit

What you can make

To get started, we have included a template in the kit on how to make a keychain. This small project is a great starting point. It provides a low-pressure project to practice consistency when tying knots. Using just a few different knotting techniques, you can make many different things. For example, you could attach the cord to the wooden dowel to make a wall hanging or attach it to a wooden ring and make a plant hanger. There are many free online resources if you prefer to follow templates.

A plant hanger made with the macrame kit

A wall hanging made with the macrame kit

We’re excited to see what you all make with this new kit. Share what you make on the Ignite Community Discussion Board. Happy Making!