November 08, 2018

10 Things to Try in Ignite

10 things to try in ignite
By: Katelyn Coyne

Ignite Studio at HEPL is brimming with fun, free things to try. Here is a list of the top ten things to try in Ignite to get your creative juices flowing.

Digital Media Labs—Our digital media labs are a fantastic way to unleash your inner digital artists. Each of the four labs has a 27” iMac with retina display and access to the full Adobe Creative Suite. Edit photos, 3D artwork, videos and more with Photoshop. Create beautiful vector art and illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Craft elegant layouts in Adobe InDesign. Edit media in its native format and create production for film, TV, and web using Adobe Premiere. And so much more!

Laser Engraver—The laser engraver is a fan favorite of Ignite Studio patrons. Use this high powered laser machine to both cut and engrave on a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, foam core, cardboard and more! The possibilities for personalized projects are virtually endless! (For ages 16+. Certification course required.)

Sewing Machines—Need a quick repair on your favorite item of clothing? Looking to craft that perfect cosplay costume? Check out a sewing machine (and sewing kit and iron and ironing board!) from Ignite. Three Brother sewing machines of are available for use to do basic sewing, embroidery, and even quilting.

Maker Kits—Bring your own project to Ignite, or borrow one from us! Ignite Studio offers a variety of kits for kids and adults to use in our space. Dabble in something new like chalk pastels or calligraphy. Find your next hobby in our maker kit library.

Kid Art Cart—School glue, colorful paper, safety scissors, and tons of fun and funky supplies stock our kid art cart. This open supply cart is available for use on a daily basis for patrons in Ignite. Pick and choose from our supplies to make your next refrigerator-worthy masterpiece.

Pottery Wheels—Get your hands dirty on our pottery wheels. Ignite patrons can use any of our four pottery wheels on a first-come-first-serve basis. We have everything you need to get started: buckets, tools, sponges, and even clay! Come build your potter skills!

Cricut Machine—Our Cricut Maker machine is a hot commodity in Ignite. This tabletop machine can cut paper, vinyl, fabric, and even balsa wood. Check it and a laptop out and make your next personalized creation.

Vinyl Cutter—If you’re looking to do a larger vinyl project, the vinyl cutter is the machine for you. Create custom decals for hard surfaces or make your very own personalized t-shirt with our heat transfer vinyl and heat press. (For ages 16+. Certification course required.)

3D Printer—Let’s face it, 3D printing is the wave of the future. And the future is now! Take a certification course to learn this machine, and start making your very own 3D objects. Pull from Thingiverse ( or try to design your own with programs like TinkerCad (

A/V Studio—Become a YouTube sensation in our A/V studio. With both sound and video recording equipment, this space is ideal for making podcasts, recording music, making short films, and more!