February 10, 2023

What is Paper Quilling?

yler Elks

If you’ve stopped by Ignite studio and seen our Paper Quilling kit in the kit library, you may have wondered “What is paper quilling?” or, “What can I do with paper quilling?” Both excellent questions that I’m here to answer!

What is it?

Paper quilling, sometimes known as “quilling” or “paper rolling,” is the art of using long, thin strips of paper and rolling or pinching them into different sizes and shapes and then gluing them down. It’s an easy craft to get into but don’t think that means it’s basic! It’s a fun and  meditative art form that is fun for almost all ages.


While the origin of paper quilling isn’t known exactly, there is some belief that it started in the 300s or 400s in Greece as metal quilling and evolved from there. Another popular opinion is that it developed first in Egypt. There is evidence of the art form in the 1200s – 1600s in France and Italy of nuns and monks using torn edges of gilded holy books to create intricate designs.

Paper quilling was also popular amongst the aristocracy in Edwardian and Victorian England as it was seen as an acceptable hobby for women. Nowadays this art form is for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, or background!

5 Project Ideas

Not only do we have some project ideas in our kit, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Cards from Handiworks

Earrings from The Craftaholic Witch

Sunflowers from The Papery Craftery

3D Cacti (a personal favorite as houseplants are my obsession!) from The Papery Craftery

Hearts by The Papery Craftery

So come on down to Ignite, check out one of our Paper Quilling Kits and have a blast! Happy making!