December 20, 2018

What is a Cricut and What Can You Do With It?

By: Jackie Humphrey

If you’ve visited Ignite Studio, you’ve seen that there’s a lot of equipment here and it can be a little overwhelming.  The machines in the Fab Lab even require classes to use them.  But, there are a lot of really versatile, useful machines that you can use without taking a class.  The Cricut is one of them.  What’s a Cricut and what do you do with it?  Let’s take a look.

The Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that can cut 100s of materials.  Everything from delicate paper to balsa wood and leather can be cut quickly and accurately.  It operates using a software called Design Cricut.  It is relatively easy to use although if you need help, there is a multitude of instructions and video tutorials on the Cricut website as well as YouTube.  You can create a free account at  You can also sign up for Ignite’s Quick Start Session for the Cricut where we will help you get started but again, it is not required.

What can you make on the Cricut?  The possibilities are endless!  Design Cricut has hundreds of ready-made projects available for purchase.  You don’t have to purchase projects though. You can create your own designs and even upload your own images.

Vinyl project ideas include stencils, home décor signs, wall quotes, personalized door mats, Yeti tumblers, and coffee mugs.  Cut iron-on vinyl to design your own t-shirts, tote bags and pillow covers.  Ignite also has a heat press for professional quality vinyl designs.

Cut a variety of different kinds of paper to create greeting cards, gift boxes, and ornaments.

Use the rotary blade to cut fabric for quilt blocks and sewing patterns.

Cut leather or balsa wood for jewelry projects.

The list goes on and on! Drop by Ignite and experiment! What can you create on the Cricut Maker?