June 29, 2020

Weekly Creativity Packs: Activities for Home

By Amanda Sabo

Ignite continues to offer Creativity Packs through the end of Summer! Our weekly virtual drop in has encouraged your creativity at home with materials you already have. Now that the library is open with limited services, we are changing things up! For the next six weeks, stop by Hamilton East Public Library’s Fishers or Noblesville lobby, and pick up a Creativity Pack! New packs are available starting every Friday while supplies last with materials and instructions included. It’s a drop in you can take home! See the upcoming creativity packs below.

July 3—Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand Straws String Paper

Make your own robotic hand using cardstock, string, tape, and straws. Can your creation do a thumbs up?

Want to make something a little more challenging with materials from home? Try out this creation made from cardboard!

July 10—Book Page Bead Bracelets

Book Page Bead

Show off your style with a unique book page bead bracelet. Use the old book pages in your Creativity Pack or supplement them with passages from your favorite novel or pictures from a lovely magazine.

If you can’t wait until July 10th for this creativity pack to drop, use Ignite’s instructions and bead template to make your own beads today!

July 17—Yarn Butterflies

yarn butterflies craft sticks

These cute little critters are made from yarn, craft sticks, beads, and pipe cleaners. I wonder what colors you’ll find in your Creativity Pack!

Want to make these little cuties at home? Follow the instructions on The Craft Train.

July 24—Little Llama Weaving

llama weaving cardboard yarn pom pom

You cannot miss this adorable llama weaving activity! The creativity pack will provide you with the cardboard, yarn, and cute little pom poms as well as the instructions and template. If you find yourself struggling with the weaving, watch this helpful video.

July 31—Crepe Paper Flowers

Crepe Paper Flower

These simple yet elegant crepe paper flowers are a nice touch of decor for any home. What makes them even more special is that you made them yourself!

If you can’t get to the library for this Creativity Pack, make your own crepe paper flowers by following these instructions. If you want to make a beautiful bouquet, check out these tutorials.

August 7—Pony Bead Bracelets

Pony Bead Bracelet

This Creativity Pack gives you a slightly more advanced version of the typical beaded bracelet. Instead of simply putting beads on a string, we’ll fold our string in half and alternate sliding beads over both strands and over one strand, giving our piece more visual interest.

If you already have pony beads and string at home, start making your bracelets now using these instructions!

We hope you take advantage of these free, engaging upcoming creativity packs!

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