January 27, 2022

Upcoming Printmaking Programs in Ignite


By Kris Hurst

Join Ignite Studio for an entire quarter dedicated to printmaking! February thru April, we will explore the many ways to make prints. Printmaking consists of producing images, usually on paper, but occasionally on fabric or other materials. These images are made using various methods: carving into wood or linoleum to make ‘block’ prints, applying paint to a gelatin surface to make ‘gelli’ prints, using a silk screen and stencils to print on fabric. One of our artists will be featuring an old-fashioned printing press used to print out multiple copies of notes and documents–the original copy machine! Prints are considered original works of art, even though they can exist in multiples, because each one is made by hand. There are so many different ways to make prints! Read on to learn about our upcoming printmaking programs in Ignite.

Try your hand at various print making processes, and meet experts from the field in these hands-on workshops and drop-ins!

Upcoming Printmaking Programs in Ignite

Silkscreen Printing Workshop

Sat. Feb 19 | 1-3:30pm
Sat. Apr 30 | 1-3:30pm

Learn about the photo emulsion method of screen printing by using our Pro-Light Exposure Unit. This versatile method of screen printing makes fine line drawings, hand lettering techniques and half-tone positives possible. You can use this method to create your own textiles, t-shirts, greeting cards, posters, wall art, and more. Ages 13-15+(w/adult).

An Intro to Linocut Print making with Teaching Artist Graham Marshall
Sat. Mar 12 | 11-12:30pm
Sat. Mar 12 | 2-3:30pm

Get a brief overview of the materials, tools, and processes involved with creating linocut prints. This class will familiarize participants with the basics of print making and serve as a jumping off point for creative exploration of the medium. Ages 13+.

Printmaking Lab
Sat. Mar 26 | 1-4pm

Drop in to Ignite Studio for this casual all-ages print making workshop. Participate with family, friends or other patrons to create a series of multi-layered prints using pre-made stamps. Stamps will include a variety of sizes and designs, and there will be many ink colors to experiment with. Come away with your own unique print! No registration necessary. All ages.

Maker Challenge Drop-In: Screen Printing
Wed. Apr 6 | 1-4pm

Learn how to screen print your own book bag. Drop into Ignite and staff will show you how to screen print using vinyl stencils. Once you get the basics down, you can come back and make your own designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, flags, backpacks, banners, paper, wood, the list goes on and on. No registration necessary. Ages 8+.

Monoprinting with Gelli Plates Workshop
Mon. Apr 18 | 6:30-8:00pm
Sat. Apr 23 | 11:00am-12:30pm 

Explore the fun of print making using gelatin plates. A ‘gelli plate’ is a clear gelatinous slab that you roll paint on and add designs to with stamps, natural materials and other flat items. Each print is one of a kind, and the plate can be used over and over. It is a quick and easy way to make colorful art! Ages 10+.

Visit our events calendar to register for these an other Ignite programs. Happy Making!