December 02, 2023

Start the Year Clear, Create a Vision Board


by Donya Collins

It’s already the Holiday Season, which means New Years and the annual trend to make resolutions is just around the corner. Usually this means diets that may or may not last, and gym memberships that will be cancelled later. This shouldn’t be the only way we think about setting improvement goals . Small steps lead to a big change, and it can be as simple as clearly showing what you plan to accomplish like a vision board. I encourage you to choose goals that you are excited to do, things you want to see or are more rooted in a positive outlook. If you dread doing it chances are it won’t stick as a goal. Start the year clear; create a vision board!

Here at Ignite we have all the supplies you’ll need to get started including collage images, glue, scissors and pens. If you want a specific image you can even print it out on the public computers in the library.

Start the Year Clear, Create a Vision Board

I started by taking a pink posterboard and collecting a bunch of images that I felt drawn to from our collage cart. If you’re not sure what vision boards look like find inspiration on Pinterest with a search for vision board examples.  Here’s some I liked:


Once I had a good number of images , I started trimming them. This is recommended if you want space to write goals underneath.  I placed them as a guide to figure out where I wanted them.

As you can see here one of my goals is to read more books and especially in a variety of genres, perfect for someone who works at a library!

Once I’m satisfied with placement, I use glue to place them and start building the vision board from there. I wouldn’t go overboard with the glue. Magazine paper soaks the glue and wrinkles it, as seen above. It helps to use your hand to make sure the glue holds the papers corners as well. From there you can write the goal associated with that picture. I even added a checkbox. repeat these steps until you’ve covered the board and that’s it. Here is the final product!

What are some of your goals for the New Year? If you want to be more creative or artistic, get started with Ignite’s kit library and equipment. Happy Making!