December 04, 2020

Rediscovering Ignite Studio’s Colored Pencils Kit

By Garen Robie

I recently rediscovered the wonderful world of colored pencils in Ignite Studio’s Kit Library.  Many practicing artists forget their usefulness because they get drawn into fancier more “professional” media like oils, acrylic, and watercolor.  With the right technique, the childhood staple is an excellent—and don’t forget easy to clean up after—alternative. Ignite Studio’s Colored Pencil Kit has a great array of tools and paper to get started with this classic medium.

About Colored Pencils

Did you know that colored pencils do not actually contain any lead? Thin, precise, and easy to handle, colored pencils feature a wood casing filled with a wax or oil-base inside. Then pigment is mixed with water and bonding agents. The result is a spectacular fireworks show of colors.

Colored Pencil Tips and Tricks

The next time you draw with colored pencils, try applying multiple layers of color to your paper. Add up to four or five, in fact.  Gradually building up the color helps soften and strengthen hues and tints.  Multiple applications of color also help with the manipulation of texture. It smooths out graininess in broad areas where you’ve applied color.

Another tip to try: use different colored papers as a foundation for your pencil work.  Black paper, for example, helps to build highlights from an already shaded background.  Gray paper gives a mid-tone to extend your highlights and deepen your shadows.  Red paper offers a great foundation for portraiture. It easily provides the blush often missing from skin tones.

Lastly, another tip to experiment with: apply a base coat of watercolor.  This will saturate the paper with color giving you a strong foundation for applying the pencil on top.

Ignite Studio’s Colored Pencil Kit

As always, it’s good to experiment and find the techniques that you like best.  Use these tips to  jump start on your own explorations.  Make a reservation to visit Ignite Studio at Hamilton East Public Library in Fishers. And check out our Colored Pencil Kit to get started.  Feel free to share your creations on our Facebook Ignite Community Discussion Board.  Happy making!