January 13, 2023

Paper-Based Programs in Ignite


by Kris Hurst

Every 1st quarter of the year, Ignite focuses on a specific medium or technique. This year it’s an everyday art material that can be used as canvas, sculpted, folded, woven, cut, pasted, sewn, embroidered and quilled. Guessed it yet? PAPER! Paper has been around for over 2000 years and is the focus for our spring quarter in Ignite Studio. Visit us and discover the many ways to utilize this medium! Registration for paper based programs in Ignite begins two weeks prior to the class. Drop-ins are held during regular library hours. You can simply stop in anytime to try out any or all of our rotating activities.

Paper Based Program in Ignite

Quilled Paper Hearts with Teaching Artist Jeannette Parssi 
Thurs 2/2 • 6-7pm 
Sat 2/4 • 11-12pm 

Join us as we learn about the art of paper quilling. Roll and pinch long thin strips of paper into different shapes, and glue them together to form a decorative heart that could become a favorite memento or sign of affection for someone you love. Ages 6 and up.

Paper Mache Bowls Painted with Alcohol Inks 
Sat 2/18 • 11-12pm 
Mon 4/10 • 6-7:30pm  

Paper Mache bowls are made from newspaper and a paste of flour and salt. Decorate pre-made bowls using alcohol inks and stencils. Get your hands gooey by making your own bowl to take home and decorate. Ages 13 and up.

Calming Collage Class 
Wed 2/22 • 6-7:30pm 
Sat 3/25 • 11-12:30pm 

Winter brings us snow, holidays, and hot cocoa, but it can also bring us some seasonal sadness as we long for the warmth of spring. During this time it’s nice to relax, give our busy minds a break, and get creative. Take a mental vacation with us in this class where we’ll play soft music and have dozens of papers, stickers, and more to help you create your very own calming collage. Perfect for those who want to de-stress and create some artwork in a judgment-free space. Ages 16 and up.

Paper Basket Class for Adults with IDD with Teaching Artist Yuki Darrow 
Sat 3/11 • 11-12:30pm 
Sat 3/11 • 2-3pm 

Join us in this class specifically geared towards individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Students will make paper baskets, large and small, using colored cardstock, ribbon and stamps. One-on-one instruction is limited, so patrons needing continuous support to participate should bring their support person. Ages 16 and up.

Paper Sculptures 
Sat 3/18 • 11-12:30pm 
Thurs 4/13 • 6-7:30pm 

Learn how to use the free program Pepakura Designer to turn 3D models into 2D templates! An instructor will walk through step-by-step directions on how to find 3D models, use the template software, and other tips and tricks along the way. Walk away with a project to do at home, and the ability to use Pepakura for paper sculptures, scale models, cosplay, and more! Ages 16 and up.

Newsprint Collage Workshop with Smithsonian Teaching Artist Kate Lewis 
Sat 4/15 • 9:30-12:30pm 

Kate Lewis will join us live from the U.K., in this special workshop featuring a Smithsonian instructor. Kate creates botanical collages made directly from newsprint commemorating moments in time we are living through. The aim of this class is to introduce Kate’s newspaper collage practice and for all participants to make a small piece. Participants will learn the basics of collage-scale, line, cutting and gluing-to create these personal pieces. Ages 16 and up.

Paper Based Drop-in Activities in Ignite

Drop into Ignite for a new, unguided art making activity every two weeks. Instructions and materials provided.

Folded Paper Valentine’s Cards 

Make your own card for Valentine’s Day. Using bright folded paper and glue, design a heart that radiates with color and love.

Beverley Buchanan Inspired Homes 

Construct a paper house in the style of African American artist, Beverly Buchanan. Buchanan constructed small representations of homes or ‘shacks’ out of everyday materials, including carboard and wood scraps. Patrons will use similar materials to pay homage to a dwelling that has personal significance.

Klee Scratch Art 

During Disability Awareness Month, work in the style of abstract artist Paul Klee. Known for his fantastic and childlike work, Klee suffered from a joint disorder which made it difficult for him to grip artmaking tools. Patrons will mimic his work by etching out designs on scratch paper using a stylus. Adaptive tools, such as pencil grips and loop scissors will be on hand to aid those with similar challenges.

Patterned Paper Pets 

Make your own Patterned Paper Pet, inspired by the work of Clare Youngs.  Using templates, patterned paper and brads, create your own pet with articulated appendages.

Mini Unicorn Piñatas 

Celebrate National Unicorn Day by making your own paper unicorn. Using everyday magic, transform simple materials such as copy paper, chipboard and glue into this 3-dimesional mythical beast.

Recycled Paper Clay 

Work with clay made from recycled paper. Paper clay is lighter than ceramic clay and easy to work with.

Join us all spring to play with paper. And share your makes on our Ignite Community Discussion Board on Facebook. Happy making!