June 30, 2023

New Printing Press in Ignite


by Sydney Brink

Jump into printmaking at Ignite with our brand new printing press! Ignite now has a Creative Mark Basic Etching Press available for use here at the studio. Check out the relief cut printmaking kit to carve your block. Then try out the  new printing press in Ignite.

New Printing Press in Ignite!

The printing press might look intimidating, but it’s an easy-to-use machine that will make printing quicker. It will also achieve a more professional standard than burnishing prints with a barren or a spoon would. All you need to get started is paper, ink, a brayer, and your finished print stratum. This press can do intaglio in all forms (drypoint, etching, enrgravings), relief cut prints on linoleum and rubber, collographs, or just plain embossing!

First you’ll adjust the pressure of the press. Use the red handlebars at the top to bring the upper roller so that it meets the top of your printing strata. Make sure to adjust both handles at the same time.

Ink up your plate. I’m using a relief cut print made here from Speedy Carve pink rubber, and Golden brand acrylic ink. Using a brayer, apply a coat of ink to the plate.

Then put your print strata onto the metal bed of the printing press.

And put your paper face-down on top of your inked up plate.

Then cover with the press bed felt.

And crank the handle to send the plate all the way through the press! You might have to use a little more strength as the prints go through the rollers.

Then you can pull your print and see your beautiful artwork!

Let us know what kind of prints you are making on our Faceboook Discussion Group. Happy Making!