May 07, 2021

New Maker-in-Residence: Boxx the Artist


by Katelyn Coyne

Ignite Studio welcomes our next Maker-in-Residence, Boxx the Artist. Visit Ignite Studio May-August 2021 to meet her!

Boxx is a self-taught visual artist. Her artwork employs acrylic, digital, and mixed mediums to capture different elements of life from the African diaspora. She focuses on people and experiences, and often documents history as she sees it being created. We caught up with Boxx to learn about her artistry:

Where do you draw artistic inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my personal experiences, aspirations, and the world around me. Specifically, from the culture and influential people. These people could be familiar or just impactful. I enjoy drawing inspiration from photography, so iconic photos or moments captured in history definitely drive my inspiration.

What is your favorite art tool/supply?

My favorite art tool is the [palette] knife. That’s the one tool that I use to be creatively free when working on abstract pieces. My second favorite is my digital pencil. I really enjoy the digital pencil because it can literally be any brush from a dry or wet acrylic brush to a can of spray paint.

Who are your art heroes?

I spent a lot of time contemplating this question, and in the grand scheme of artistic heroes, I don’t have any. I’ve never studied the Picassos or Michelangelos. Art or art appreciation wasn’t anything readily taught to me [or] to even know to learn about it. Even with the familiar names and work I know, it’s even more scarce when it comes to creators who [are] like me.  I do, however, appreciate the new digital age connecting us to things like social media. [There are] phenomenal artists doing amazing work like Wak, also known by Kevin Williams, Brionya James, and Madam Adrienne Muse, who are some dynamic artists that are inspiring.

What else do you want the HEPL community to know about you?

I look forward to working in the studio and interacting with you. I really hope my creative practice can be inspiring and aid toward your own creativity.

View more of Boxx’s work on and follow @BoxxTheArtist on Instagram and Facebook.  We look forward to welcoming Ignite Studio’s new Maker-in-Residence, Boxx the Artist! Visit our calendar of events to register for programs with Boxx.

Thank you to the Friends of the Library for their support of Ignite’s Maker-in-Residence program.