January 10, 2019

Making Is Magical

By: Megan Smith

Have you ever watched a magician at work? Wondered how they always know what card was yours, or how they got out of the locked box in time? We are no experts on magic in Ignite Studio, but we are familiar with making. And while it sure looks like magic, let me assure you that making is not impossible.

Sewing Machine at Ignite StudioCreating is not reserved for only the highly trained or gifted artist. Yes, it is fascinating to watch an artist at work, to see a drawing come to life on paper or a perfect vessel appear from that lump of clay on the pottery wheel. Down in Ignite, we like to share our “secrets” on that seemingly creative magic.

Here are 4 ways you can pull back the curtain and become a making magician:

  1. Ask questions. Instead of saying: “I could never do that!” ask “How did they do that?” Shifting your mindset from the impossible to positive learning will lead you towards encouragement, resources and, ultimately, action.
  2. Try an activity at least three different times before moving on. Sure, watercolors may not be your “thing,” but I challenge you to keep trying! It’s like when you are trying out a new food, give it a bit of time before deciding you loathe broccoli.
  3. Learn from other makers. We encourage collaboration and education within Ignite, and we also love to recommend online resources for learning new techniques. Looking for some in-person mentorship? We recently installed a collaborative exchange boards in the Studio to help you connect with fellow Ignite makers.
  4. Practice! Even the best artists have to keep making. Just like you have to keep stretching your body to stay flexible, flex your creative muscles regularly to grow your creative skills.

Making is still a magical process, just not an impossible category of magic. Effort and focus can turn that magician-like slight of hand into your own skillful creations. Here in Ignite Studio, we would love to share our skills, knowledge and resources with you. So come down to Ignite, pull back the magic curtain and bring your ideas to life.