September 25, 2020

Little Loom Weaving by Andreia Gomes


By Amanda Sabo

little loom weavingToday, I was looking through Ignite’s collection of maker books, and Andreia Gomes’s Little Loom Weaving caught my eye. With fall finally arriving, I’m in search of that warm, cozy feeling, especially in my decorations. One way to achieve an inviting, homey feeling is by decorating with lush fabrics like velvets and bouclé. Some design bloggers suggest adding extra pillows and throws to a room in the cooler months for their visual appeal: Of course, sometimes getting cozy means cozying up, and throws and pillows are good for that too! Liz and Sam of Pretty Life Girls remind us that another great way to make a space more hygge is to incorporate textiles like woven wall hangings, which brings me back to Little Loom Weaving.

Little Loom Weaving is a great how-to book to get you started on your weaving journey. It includes techniques and projects. You don’t even need to buy a loom! Gomes walks you through the steps of making your own with nails and a wooden frame. If you’d rather make a loom out of materials you already have on hand at home, you can make one out of cardboard by following these directions. You might even try making one with Ignite’s laser engraver!

Get Crafting!

One very fall-inspired weaving decoration in Little Loom Weaving is branch weaving. Watch ScrapTimeVideos’ tutorial below to see how it’s done!

If you’ve enjoyed branch weaving, think about taking this artform to the next level. With Little Loom Weaving, you can follow Gomes’s instructions on how to tie rya knots, create a beautiful soumak braid, and weave loops.

Gomes has many more wonderful projects for you to try. Stop by Ignite and check out Little Loom Weaving. Better yet, peruse our collection to see which of our maker books catches your eye!