April 19, 2024

Introducing Ignite’s 16+ Hand Lettering Kit

A stamper and wax melt set in Ignite's hand lettering kit.


by Jared Hart

Introducing Ignite’s 16+ Hand Lettering Kit! We have updated our Calligraphy Kits and are excited to announce that we have added a new Hand Lettering Kit to our collection for ages 16 and up. Read on to learn more about the updates to this kit including new tools! Come into Ignite to try your hand at hand lettering and wax sealing.

What’s In the Kit?

Wax seal tools

If you’d like to add a little decoration to your finished letter, try making a wax seal with the new equipment provided in the kit. Step-by-step instructions are included inside the kit. When making wax seals, the wax can be poured directly onto the surface you want to seal. Alternatively, it can be poured onto a silicone mat for later use by applying an adhesive backing.

Various stamp attachments to use with the wax melts.

A close up of a completed wax stamp in the shape of a tree.

Paper and Envelopes

Want to write a letter to someone? Use the provided bone folder to fold a card that will fit inside the provided envelope.

A notecard, brown envelope and paper folder.

Note: If you’d like to ship a litter with a wax seal, it will likely require additional postage. Check with your postal provider for how much additional postage is needed.

Fountain Pen

You’ll also find a fine-point fountain pen. If you’ve never used a fountain pen, they have several benefits. Because the ink flows across the paper, it requires a lot less pressure. This can help improve hand cramps. Writing with a light touch along with the flow of the ink can also improve your handwriting.

A quill pen

Brush Pens and Lettering Guide Book

You’ll also find various brush pens, along with Super Simple Hand Lettering by Kiley Bennett. This book will help guide you on brush stroke steps for various lettering styles. Use the provided scrap paper in the kit to practice your lettering.

Brush pens and workbook available in the kit.

I hope you enjoy the new equipment provided in this kit. Help inspire others by sharing your creations on the Ignite Community Discussion Board. Happy Making!