April 01, 2024

Ignite Studio Seeks Artist for Mural Installation

A banner image that reads "Call for artists! Indoor mural. Ignite Studio at the Hamilton East Public Library, in partnership with the FACC, announce call for artists to submit their applications to be considered for an indoor mural at HEPL/Ignite Studio. Application open: April 1. Submission Deadline: May 13."

Ignite Studio seeks artist for mural installation. Ignite Studio is seeking well-qualified artists or artist teams to create and execute a 57 sq ft art piece inside the Fishers branch of the Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL). A mural is acceptable but other art installations (e.g. light installations, 3D sculpture, etc.) are also encouraged.

About the Hamilton East Public Library and Ignite Studio

The public library mission is as follows:

Ideas Live Here.

The Hamilton East Public Library is here to serve our community. We believe that a public library should be:

  • a dynamic contributor to the Fishers/Noblesville communities.
  • a liaison between its members and the world’s knowledge.
  • a variety of evolving technology platforms capable of delivering IDEAS onsite, online, and on demand.
  • a team passionate about preserving the integrity of knowledge.

Ignite Studio opened at the Fishers branch of HEPL in 2018 to provide access to ideas, materials, and space for creatives in the community and beyond. It is in downtown Fishers on the Municipal Circle at 5 Municipal Drive, Fishers, IN 46038. The library is a fixture in the Nickel Plate Arts District and for the Hamilton County community. The audience for the mural will be regular library patrons, pedestrians from the Nickel Plate Trail, tourists or future residents who may visit Ignite Studio or the library as a destination, and local creatives who are a part of the Ignite community.

Project Description, Goals, Values, and Budget

Patrons often comment that Ignite Studio is the library’s “best kept secret.” We are seeking to increase our visibility within the library by engaging new visitors and enticing regular patrons to explore. This will also increase our visibility in the community by engaging with local artists and the arts community to collaborate on the design and implementation of the mural. This project is open to proposals that fit the following criteria:

  • Inclusive: The library is a space for everyone in the community.
  • Authentic: The artwork should tell a story about our community, the library, and Fishers arts.
  • Engaging: We seek artwork that would change the visual landscape of the library to indicate the location of a creative space for creative individuals. It might become a destination feature for community members to visit and recognize beyond the library.

The mural or other art installation will be inside the lobby of the Fishers branch at the beginning of the hallway that leads to Ignite Studio. The area is 57 square feet. The artwork should relate to Ignite Studio and be a visual indicator that the lower level is a creative, community-driven space. The library, downtown Fishers, or the Nickel Plate Trail would also be acceptable subject matter to include, but the focus should be on Ignite Studio. Abstract work will also be considered if it fits the given requirements. Art forms other than murals are also encouraged (e.g. light installations, 3D sculpture, etc.) if the artist believes it can be completed within the same time and budget restrictions. The installation is permanent, and artists should consider that the budget is intended to cover the cost of at least 3-5 years of upkeep and maintenance if required.

Funding for this project was made possible by the Fishers Arts and Culture Commission. The budget for this project is $3750 . This amount includes artist fees, materials cost, and upkeep of the installation if any is needed. This will be a permanent fixture indoors so weatherproofing is not necessary.

The Fishers Arts and Culture Commission logo in navy blue and green.


Artists must be 18 years or older. Artists must own the rights to the artwork and be able to execute the mural on scaffolding, or use funds from the budget given to hire others to do so on their behalf. Artist does not have to live in Hamilton County but Hamilton County and Fishers residents are strongly encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria

A selection of Ignite staff and library leadership will review the submitted portfolios. Successful artists will be chosen if they and/or their ideas demonstrate:

  • Quality and professional work
  • Safety and compatibility with the space
  • Appropriateness and relevance of subject matter
  • Adherence to submission requirements
  • Artists residing in Hamilton County are strongly encouraged to apply.

Submission Information

Submission of proposals will be accepted through May 13th 2024 at 11:59 PM.

Anticipated Schedule

  • Submission Deadline: 5/13/24 at 11:59 PM
  • Artwork Installation: August – September 2024
  • Project Completion: 10/1/24

There may be additional dates where the artist meets with Ignite staff or library leadership to workshop design or logistics around the installation of the artwork.

Application Process

Please submit the following to Sydney at brinks@hamiltoneastpl.org by May 13th at 11:59 PM to be considered:

  • An artist resume or CV with the following information:
    • Contact information
    • Relevant website or social media
    • Previous relevant art commissions
    • Design team experience if any
    • Exhibitions, awards, grants
    • Education
  • A letter of interest with answers to the following questions:
    • What state/county is your residence?
    • Why did you apply for this project?
    • Have you completed a project similar to this before? (If yes, please include images in portfolio)
    • What do you envision for the space? How do you anticipate the budget being used? (A general concept is fine, details not required)
  • A portfolio of 10 images of past work (does not have to be mural work) with title, medium, size, and completion date.

Site Information

The area within the dotted line is the proposed installation location. This wall is located in the lower lobby of the Fishers library north entrance.

Contact Information

Contact Sydney, Arts Education Coordinator at brinks@hamiltoneastpl.org with any questions.