May 15, 2020

Ignite Kids Virtual Series

By Kris Hurst

Art is important. I’m not sure what I would do without the arts in my life. I was lucky enough to attend primary and middle schools where visual art and music were part of the curriculum. In high school, I took art classes every semester, and in college I majored in painting. Art is something I have always taken seriously. I have never questioned its place in my world or the world at large. Ignite Studio takes the arts and “making” seriously, too. We want you to explore, tinker, create, and try something new.

During the library’s closing, Ignite has provided new ways for you to engage your kids in the arts and making. Each Monday, Ignite offers a virtual drop-in activity that uses common materials for an at-home creation. You can find our drop-in activities as well as maker challenges and additional projects on our News page. Another great resource for activities is our YouTube channel.

Because kids are our future makers and artists, and we love seeing what they do, Ignite will be hosting an Ignite Kids Virtual Series via Zoom starting May 19th. This series will give kids an opportunity to engage with Ignite Staff for an activity.

Until then, use these tips to enhance their experience with our other virtual offerings:

  • Follow the child’s lead; keep in mind what activities your child or children generally gravitate to and show interest in. Ask them what they might like to do—paint, draw, build, try something new?
  • If they’re not sure or need inspiration, peruse our blogs to see examples of at-home activities and ask your child what looks fun.
  • Take time to gather materials before starting your project. It is much easier to keep your child focused on the project when everything is easily accessible.
  • Ask your child if they want your help or if they would like you to work alongside them. Sometimes doing the same activity together takes the pressure off creating a “masterpiece.”
  • If you don’t know much about the art or project, use it as an opportunity to learn together. Many of our blogs have links or suggestions for further exploration. Take a moment to look into these.
  • Encourage your child to try new things and make mistakes. They may feel uncomfortable, but encourage them to keep trying. Mastery takes time.
    Point out the cool things you see in the child’s work, whether it’s a color choice, an interesting way of putting something together, or an unusual perspective.

Made by a young artist at Ignite.

Art and making are about representing something in a unique way. Art can elevate our surroundings and lift our spirits. This is certainly needed during this time and is a worthy pursuit for all kids.

The Ignite Kids Virtual Series will be held on Tuesday at 11am on May 19th, June 2nd, and June 16th. Registration is open!