June 26, 2020

Ignite Kids Virtual Series: New Classes Added!

By Kris Hurst

I have so enjoyed working with the young makers who have joined me for my Ignite Kids Virtual Series that I’ve added three new classes!

The Ignite Kids Virtual Series is programming that uses basic materials that families have at home to make projects. The classes are interactive and allow kids to ask questions and share about their lives, like one student who detailed the celebratory treats her family would be eating for her dad’s birthday. Through this series, I’ve interacted with four siblings all sharing the same screen, a few kids who have made it to all sessions, and one participant who shares things he has made between classes. All of these elements add up to a class that is fun to teach and fun to take!

Here are two examples of what we have been doing in the Ignite Kids Virtual Series:

Ignite Kids Virtual Series in June and July

Join me every other Tuesday at 11:00am via Zoom for these three new classes! Be sure to register through the Events page and include your email to receive the Zoom link.

June 30: Tangrams

Turn an ordinary sandwich into a Tangram puzzle using a butter knife! Tangrams are a set of shapes that can be turned into various objects like a house, a fox, or a boat. Bring the makings for a sandwich, and come play with your food! We will also create a puzzle out of a square sheet of cardstock.

July 14: Hole-Punched Lantern

Using a single sheet of card stock and a pushpin, create a lantern and show off a simple design by wrapping your hole-punched paper around a candle or other light source.

July 28: Watercolor Amoebas

Using watercolors and salt, turn blobs of paint into shape-shifting watercolor amoebas, which are single-celled creatures that live in our bodies and everywhere around us. So interesting to look at and cool!

Hope you can join us, whether you are a regular or new to the group! See you soon!

Miss Kris