June 19, 2020

Hand Sewing Techniques for Home

By Amanda Sabo

hand sewn donutsIgnite is open with limited services! We are so thrilled to see you all again. As I write this, we have our first patron back in the space, using the laser engraver. I imagine our equipment as the furniture in Beauty and the Beast; it waited so long to be useful again, and now it is! All of our equipment (FabLab and otherwise) is available by appointment so you can get back in the swing of things. When you visit, the biggest change you’ll notice may just be that the kit libraries are not available yet. (That said, we do have a sewing kit and Cricut kits placed at the designated sewing and Cricuting stations.)

Before the COVID-19 closure, I developed a hand sewing kit for school-aged kids. I loved sewing as a child. Even as an adult I find something really pleasing about looking at a hand-stitched seam; it gives so much more character than something sewn by machine. Even though the hand sewing kit can’t be checked out right now, school-aged kids can practice hand sewing techniques at home, which will provide a great boost of confidence for when they can finally sit down with Ignite’s kit!

Explore some common hand sewing techniques for beginners by watching the video below. Learn how to thread a needle, sew a running stitch and whipstitch, and tie a finishing knot.

hand sewn key rings

Once you have your techniques in place, try them out on either of these beginner friendly hand sewing projects: Felt Donuts and Key chains.

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