April 07, 2023

Four Ways to Use 3D Printers


by Tyler Elks

Have you ever come down to Ignite Studio and caught yourself thinking, “The 3D printers are cool, but I don’t even know what I’d use them for.” Well if you have, let me help you out. Here are four ways to use 3D printers in Ignite Studio.

Four Way to Use 3D Printers


Image from UnpredictableLab on Thingiverse

Perhaps the most obvious of the four, you can 3D print art! This could be art that you made or art you’ve found online. A site we recommend is Thingiverse, a website where people upload free-to-use files for you to download and print.


Image from quincellusfox via Thingiverse

If you’re a well-vetted DIYer or even if you’re brand new at it, there are tons of ways you can benefit from a 3D printer. From robot parts, custom cookie cutters, to a mini 3D printing press, you could even print a watercolor palette for a mint tin!


Image from Yasashii on Thingiverse

We’ve had quite a few people come to our studio and use our printers for tabletop games. Some folks print pieces for classics like chess, while others will print elaborate minis for tabletop role-playing games. Thingiverse even has a section specifically for Toys and Games.


Image from Makerbot on Thingiverse

If none of the other ideas have you motivated so far, perhaps this one will. You can use our 3D printers for more practical things such as a wall mount for your computer cords, some hooks for your wall, or a stand for your headphones.

Other 3D Printing Resources

Regardless of what you decide, our 3D printers are available for you to try out. Just get certified via the certification course found in the Fab Lab section on our website, and get started! For more information and resources, I suggest you check out some of our other 3D printer blog posts:

Share your latest 3D printed project with us on the Ignite Community Discussion Board. Happy Making!