February 06, 2020

Creating Art and Technology at Ignite

By: Sydney Brink

Ignite Studio is a great place to discover the intersection of art and technology. Technology has always been a big part of contemporary art making, like sound installation artists like Marina Abramovic and Julianna Swartz, or using technology like jumbotrons for written art like Jenny Holzer, and artist collaborative group teamLab using all kinds of tech to create light installation pieces.

At Ignite, you can use high-tech equipment to create unique pieces of art from media we think of as “traditional”. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Use the Silkscreen Printing Kit in the Ignite Kit Library and one of the two Cricuts offered at Ignite to make a unique print. Use the Cricut to cut a vinyl stencil for your silkscreen and mass produce your own greeting cards, t-shirt designs, or beautiful prints.
  • Make sure to also check out our light exposure unit and take the silkscreen class at Ignite to learn how to do more advanced techniques!
  • Take the Laser Engraver Certification Class and do all kinds of unique additions to your traditional art. Use the new Papermaking Kit in the Ignite Kit Library to make your own handmade paper, and laser engrave your images or messages on your paper to make a truly unique piece of art. You can also use the laser engraver to make interesting book covers, and stay in Ignite to bind your book!
  • Make a sculpture out of clay and use the 3D Scanner Kit in the Ignite Kit Library to make a digital 3D model of your artwork. You can manipulate this file digitally or leave it as is, and after taking the 3D Printer Certification Class, you can make multiples of your print from the 3D scan you took!

Technology makes the possibilities of what traditional art can do endless. Come visit Ignite to explore how you’ll use tech in art!