February 19, 2021

Adaptive Tools Available in Ignite Studio

by Kris Hurst


Located in our Clean Up Area and the Kit Library, there are a selection of adaptive tools available in Ignite Studio. Ignite wants to offer individuals of all abilities, opportunities for creative expression.  These tools are for people who are just learning to create, people dealing with inherent limitations/challenges and people adjusting to physical changes in their body. By using these tools, participants with limited movement, lack of fine motor skills, or decreased visibility can be successful in using what abilities they have to create, draw, paint, print, and more!

What Adaptive Tools are Available?

Table Top Easels

Table top easels are adjustable and comfortable for seated artists to use. They can be used at our tall tables as well our wheelchair accessible tables. These are found in our kit library and can be checked out with your library card.

Hand and Wrist Leaning Bridge

This is used to steady your hand while painting, drawing and sketching. Your hand rests on the bridge, which is over your work. This protects your work from smudging and reduces the potential for smearing paint and other mediums as you move up and down your piece. Find this tool in the Adaptive Tools drawer in the Clean Up Area.

Loop Scissors

These scissors provide open squeeze handles for righties and lefties and those with fine motor skill challenges. They are great for kids learning to cut as well as those who need a grip that produces less stress on the hand. Find these in the Adaptive Tools drawer in the Clean Up Area.

Hand Aid

This tool provides a comfortable grip on a pen, pencil, paintbrush, etc. One end is flat to prevent rolling. The thumbscrew on the side clamps the handle of any item inserted into the hole. Locate this tool in the Adaptive Tools drawer in the Clean Up Area.

Magnifying Glass

This magnifying glass magnifies your image to three times its original size. It is ideal for viewing small areas and for those with low vision. This tool is used by artists wanting to really focus in on details and represent that in their work. Find it in the Adaptive Tools drawer in the Clean Up Area.

Locating Adaptive Tools in Ignite

If you are unable to locate these tools when visiting Ignite, please ask a staff member and we will be happy to show you where they are and how to use them. Also, if you know have a suggestion for an adaptive tool that would be helpful for our space, please let us know and we will check into obtaining it. Happy making!