June 03, 2022

9 DIY Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts


by Tyler Elks

Father’s Day is coming up and let’s face it, dads can be hard to shop for! So, what can you do? Here are a 9 DIY ideas for Father’s Day gifts, ranging from easy to advanced, that you can make for the dads or father figures in your life using Ignite Studio equipment, tools and supplies!

9 DIY Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts



These DIY gifts are simple, easy, chock full of love, and are especially great options for younger kids to make.

Painted Pinch-pot

Use our clay hand-building kits to create an easy and heartfelt gift, a pinch pot! For extra fun, come back once your clay pot has dried and use our kid’s watercolor painting kit to make it pop.

Paper Portrait

Who doesn’t love portraits? Capture the likeness of Dad with our Paper Person kit. Add clothes, hair, and anything else!

Father’s Day Card

Want to make a card this father’s day? Use our Maker’s Craft Kit in the kid’s kit library to create a fun and unique card just for Dad!


These crafts are for older kids, teens, and adults that have a little bit more experience and are fairly comfortable and confident in learning new artistic skills.

Screen Printed Apron

A great way to kick off summer, make Dad a custom screen-printed apron! This gift is perfect for the Dad that likes to cook, garden, or even paint. Use our Screen Printing Kit here at ignite to make your fun designs last.

Custom Mug or Tumbler

What better way to show Dad you love him than to give him a custom cup? Use our Sublimation Station to print any design onto the cup of your choice, either buying your own sublimation blank, or you can buy a mug or tumbler from us at Ignite.

To learn more about and how to use the Sublimation Station, watch our videos here.

Wood Burned Cutting Board

Perfect for the Father who likes to host or have at-home date nights, customize a cutting board using our Pyrography kit!

Pro Tip: You’ll want to use an unfinished cutting board for this DIY.



These projects are for more experienced folks who know their way around our machines and tools here at Ignite Studio.

For the next two you’ll need to be certified on our Laser Engraver and 3D Printers. It’s very easy to do so, just head over to our FAB LAB section, click the tab for the machine you’re interested in and find the “Get Certified” button.

Laser Engraved Custom Coasters

Dads are like everyone else, we all need to drink something! So why not get Dad a custom Laser-engraved coaster that you created? You can create the design for your coasters through RDWorks or you can import a design into the program.

Birdhouse Key Holder

Fun and functional! You can download the file for this key holder here, or you can create your own. You can also find many other free to download files on Thingiverse and come print them once you’ve been certified!

Handmade Tool Apron

Is your Dad more of a handyman? Does he work with tools often? Well you can use our sewing machines here at Ignite to make this custom Handmade Tool Apron!

Whether you use these ideas or just draw inspiration from them, we hope to see you in Ignite Studio soon!