August 25, 2023

5 Unique Cricut Projects


by Donya Collins

Here at Ignite one of my favorite machines is the Cricut. We have two here in Ignite Studio, and this machine is capable of thousands of projects. I’m constantly inspired to work on a variety of different projects and the fun thing about this machine is that I can do so many different projects with the same materials. To inspire you, here are 5 unique Cricut projects to get you started.

5 Unique Cricut Projects

Custom Jerseys for Football Season

Since it’s towards the end of the summer that means one thing for all of us sporty people: Football Season! It’s time to get excited for the plays, the players , tailgating, the merch for your favorite team, and the football snacks. Rep your favorite team by designing your own t-shirt jersey using Cricut Design Space or Adobe Illustrator (available on our computers here in Ignite). You can also possibly find a design using Google by searching “your favorite team svg”  (i.e. Indiana University Hoosiers SVG) and uploading it into Cricut Design Space. Don’t forget when you’re making any iron on to reverse the design BEFORE you cut it.

Spooky Season Costumes and Clothing

Pretty soon pumpkin spice will be everywhere, and the leaves will be changing. Stay one step ahead with just a little bit of vinyl and a sweatshirt. You can even get a head start on your Halloween costume!

Poster Wall Art

Using paint (preferably watercolor) you can add calligraphy on top using vinyl to make interesting and beautiful posters to decorate your home or as a great gift for someone.


Car stickers

Want to add a sticker to your car but not necessarily a bumper sticker? A fun idea could be adding a small sticker to your rearview mirror  to personalize your car even further! If you have outdoor vinyl, you can also use that to make bumper stickers that will last despite the weather.

Vinyl Wall Quotes

I love decorating my home and making a space feel more personal. What better way than making something like a vinyl wall quote to decorate a space? This project works for any room and all you need is an idea and vinyl. Pro-tip: make sure to clean your wall thoroughly before applying your vinyl.

Bonus Idea: Acrylic Motel Style Keychains

This is a bonus project as it requires you to be certified to use our laser engraver. You will also need acrylic (available for purchase here at Ignite), the Cricut, and vinyl. So, with that knowledge a cool and trendy project would be to make acrylic motel style keychains with sayings made from vinyl. You would do this by cutting the acrylic into the shape of the motel keychains and then adding the vinyl on top. Add a split keyring to complete the project. You can also buy motel keychain blanks on Amazon if you just want to add vinyl.

Make sure to share your latest Cricut creation with us on the Ignite Community Discussion Board. Happy making!