April 12, 2024

5 Spring Themed Maker Projects

A paper collage depicting five tulips on a green and blue background, with a sun and two clouds.


by Donya Collins

Spring is in full bloom, and our studio is ready and waiting for your next creative project. Here are 5 spring themed maker projects to inspire your next visit to Ignite Studio. Explore our kits and equipment and start making spring bright.

5 Spring Themed Maker Projects

Floral Beaded Bracelets

The first kit to highlight for spring projects would be the jewelry kit. Ignite’s jewelry kit is versatile with many different types of beads and ways to display your jewelry from keychains to bracelets to anklets to earrings. This is a tutorial for making floral beaded jewelry, which can work for bracelets, necklaces, or rings. You can make all your favorite flowers even through the April Showers! Pro tip: if you‘re going to make earrings this way make sure you tie a big knot or use a crimp bead so it‘s secure.  I’d recommend following this tutorial, where they show you how to make this beaded flower pattern both with leaves, zig zag or regular.

A wrist modeling a completed beaded flower bracelet.

A close up of the detail of a beaded flower bracelet.

Spring Collages

Next you can make a spring collage using our collage cart here in Ignite. There are many ways to do it. You can even make a digital one using Photoshop in our DMLs (which you must be 13 and have a library card or photo ID to use).  These reference images by education.com and sumoftheirstories.com show you don’t need much as far as supplies to make it spring themed! Just grab some colorful paper, glue and scissors to get started.

A paper collage depicting five tulips on a green and blue background, with a sun and two clouds.

A paper collage of blue tulips in a flower pot.

Embroidery Flowers

There’s also our embroidery kit where we provide fabric to embroider on as well as cross stitch fabric. Ignite provides a laminated tutorial in the kit about how to embroider,  but I’m including one specifically on embroidering flowers. I provided 3 different tutorials on floral embroidery: Pumora , Love Crafts and a great Wiki How article that walks you through many different embroidery techniques. For the Wiki How, article if you click on the images they show you in a video each step.

Spring Paintings

Here at Ignite we have many types of painting kits both in the kids kit library and the teen/ adult one. Here’s some “inspo” for some spring paintings. Pick your favorite spring image and take advantage of our kits that offer acrylic paints, chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolor paints and more.

A painting of a duckling standing among yellow and white flowers.

A painting of sunflowers in a field.

Sublimation Projects

Next is our sublimation station. We have two sublimation printers, one for cotton projects and one for polyester, metal and glass so things like mugs and tumblers. We do have a tutorial posted by QR code in the space and you can find us on Ignite Studio where we show how to use the machines. If you want an article instead of our videos I’ve attached a link here by Jennifer Maker. I like this option because it’s limitless as to what you can do with it, but this is also the only option that costs money. I’ve attached a price list of what it costs materials wise but if you bring in your own sublimation blanks and paper it would be free. Make sure they are sublimation blanks or else it will not work.

A white mug with a floral design that has been sublimated.

A white mug with the letter J in the middle of a floral wreath that has been sublimated.

A listing of sublimation material prices in Ignite studio.

Share your spring makes with us on our Ignite Community Discussion board on Facebook. I hope you have as much fun making Spring themed things as I do! Happy Making!