October 20, 2022

5 DIY Halloween Ideas


by Tyler Elks

It’s officially spooky season–for those who celebrate Halloween–and if you’re anything like me you may have already started decorating. Here are 5 DIY Halloween ideas for those of you who love a good craft. Ignite Studio is the perfect place to make some fun and spooky DIY Halloween decorations!

5 DIY Halloween Ideas

Embroidery hoop spider webs

Here is an easy way to bring the spooky season to your house without dealing with actual spiders–embroidery hoop spider webs! These spiderwebs give off a cute yet still slightly scary vibe, especially once you add the spiders. Feel free to swing by Ignite and check out our embroidery kit where you can find string, just make sure you bring your own hoops–and spiders!

Glowing eyes

Source: Brian Enigma via Netninja.com

Add these eyes to your trees, and bushes, or hide them under your porch furniture. This glowing eyes craft is easily made with old toilet paper rolls, scissors, and glow sticks! If you want a more intricate design you can use an X-acto knife, which we have in a labeled drawer in our clean-up area.

Skeleton in the window

Source: Pinterest

Here’s a craft that you can really get creative with: skeletons in your windows. For this, you just need adhesive back vinyl, transfer paper, and a way to cut your vinyl. Here at Ignite, we have a vinyl cutter that you can get certified on, or you can use either of our Cricut machines. Just come up to the desk and let us know you want to check them out!

Here is our Fab Lab page where you can find the certification course for the vinyl cutter and here is our youtube tutorial for the Cricut machines.

Floating candles

Source: Lauren Murphy – The Spruce

Set the tone for spooky season with these floating candles. This one involves a bit more time and materials, but these floating candles are a beginner-friendly craft that even the more experienced crafters can enjoy! You can stop into Ignite and use our acrylic paint kit and hot glue guns for this project!

Face in a Jar

Source: Mikeasaurus via Instructables.com

Not only does this craft make for great Halloween decorations, but you can also use it as a prop for fun photos! This face-in-a-jar craft involves a bit more skill but the blog post by mikeasaurus (linked above) goes into detail on how you can achieve this goofy yet spooky Halloween craft! Looking for photo editing software? Come down to Ignite and ask us about our Digital Media Labs equipped with full adobe creative suite.

Show us your spooky DIY Halloween makes on our Ignite Community Discussion Board on Facebook. Happy Making!