July 07, 2023

5 Creative Pen Pal Letter Ideas


by Tyler Elks

The library’s summer reading theme this year is “All Together Now.” What better way to honor this than pen pals? I have been sending letters–also called snail mail–for over a year. Here are a 5 creative pen pal letter ideas that you can incorporate into your own snail mail!

5 Creative Pen Pal Letter Ideas


Image: Pure Julia

Drawings are an easy and fun way to show your pen pal that you’re thinking about them. You can draw anything: your pen pal, your pets, their pets, a place in your town, a flower you saw on your walk the other day–the possibilities are endless! Try out Ignite’s drawing kits located in our Kit Library to help you get started.

Coloring Pages

Image: Pixabay

Not all of us are able to draw. In this case, you can easily find some coloring pages–check out Homemade Gifts Made Easy’s site for free coloring pages. Try to choose one that reminds you of them or if you’re just getting to know them, choose one that you feel represents you so they can get to know you better.

Handwritten Lists

Image: Unseen Studio

This is an idea I got from my friend and pen pal. They sent me a handwritten “Top 5” list of songs for the winter season. You don’t have to choose a playlist, nor does it need to be a “Top 5” list, just write down a list of things you’ve been enjoying or things you think your pen pal would enjoy and decorate it with stickers, calligraphic letters, and more!

If you want to step up your pen pal game, check out our calligraphy kit here in Ignite!


Image: Pixabay

It goes almost without saying that stickers are a big selling point for pen pal letters. Instead of just using them to decorate your letter (which I highly suggest you do as well!), you can gather up some stickers that you think your pen pal would like and send them with the letter. Your pen pal may even use them to decorate their own letter!


Image: Annie Spratt

Photos alone are a great gift to give to your pen pal but try adding things to your card by framing it with colored cardstock, stickers, or even doodling on the photo to make it even more personal.

Curious as to how you’ll fit all of these fun things into your pen pal letter? Try making this envelope by Nik the Booksmith!

Image: Henriette Van Mierlo

Regardless of what you decide to send, I’m sure your pen pal will love it! Make sure to come to Ignite Studio and start making memories!