February 18, 2019

5 Activities for Children in Ignite Studio

By: Alyssa Dyar

There is almost an endless amount of activities to do in Ignite studio. Here are a few examples of what children and their parents can do to find their inner maker.

Remember to always walk in the studio, use kind voices, and clean up after yourself. Ignite Studio is a makerspace for all ages. Come experience what it feels like to work in a community space with children of all ages, 0-100.

  1. Paint! Sew! Make a movie! Our Children’s Kit Library features different maker activates that children can check out. We have paint mixing kits, sewing kits, and even stop motion movie kits as well as others. Bring the kit up to the desk to check out a kit with your library card.
  2. The Art Cart is centrally located in Ignite studio. It is a cart filled with computer keys, yarn, paper, tape, glue, puzzle pieces, and many more items used to build whatever your mind envisions. Many children end up collaborating with each other using items from this cart to make anything from super hero capes to magnetic buildings.
  3. Make a cardboard contraption! The Cardboard Bin is another staple of ignite studio that is centrally located. All different shapes and sizes of cardboard are available to use for projects in the studio. I once saw a time machine built using material from the cardboard bin. It was no small feat.
  4. Each day Ignite studio hosts a Drop-In Activity. The drop in activity changes each week and the theme for the drop-in activity changes each month. Drop-in activities are for all ages and are a fun way to dip your feet into the functionality of the studio.. The times of the drop in are different each day and can found on Ignite Studio’s calendar.
  5. Last but not least, the Legendary Lego Wall is a gathering point in Ignite studio. As soon as you walk in you will find a huge, bright green Lego board attached to the wall. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to grab some Legos and add to the board. It is an ongoing, collaborative, and ever-changing piece that speaks to the inner child that Ignite Studio aims to…well, ignite.