meet Eleanor Giron

Visual Artist

Residency Term: Spring/Summer 2022

Eleanor Giron is a Manila-based visual artist and graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts. Eleanor has regular group exhibitions around Metro Manila, as well as showing internationally in countries such as New Zealand and Malaysia. She recently moved to Indianapolis, and continue to pursue her art.

In 2013, she was granted a residency in New Zealand where she toured her artwork from the North Island to the South Island. She has had numerous solo exhibitions, among them are major shows at Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo and Manila Contemporary.

Eleanor paints pieces of her life, creating a visual journal for her viewers to read. She offers her audience intimate glances of the struggles of a hopeless romantic, of pain, loss, and growth. Like her process, she is a work in progress, and she invites the viewer to take part in her journey.

Eleanor Giron headshot