Current Exhibit

The 700 Collection III

February 24 2024 – April 26 2024

The third of our annual juried group exhibit, “The 700 Collection”. The 700’s in the Dewey Decimal System is all about the Arts (with a little recreation thrown in). Materials in this classification include oversized art books for your coffee table, thick volumes on art history, and tomes on architecture. In the stacks of the 700’s, readers can browse for information on traditional mediums such as painting and photography, and less traditional mediums, such as digital and graffiti art. You will find books on ikebana, visible mending, and crochet taxidermy as well. Cash prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Also featured for the first time was “The Youth 700 Collection.”

1st: Maria Schechter for her natural dye series Peonies, Bougainvillea, and Wisteria

2nd: Rachel Hart for Otter Get Things Done, but Gotter Finish This Level ceramic piece

3rd: Craig Helming for Pepper Shaker Music Maker, wood piece